The Disconnect

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 12:41 -- jmg_66

Killin’ in the name of…
Greed, and justice overseas

A father died a martyr and now his family takes lead

In the, anger, and angst that follows
but this is guilt that the west won’t swallow


Playing into the stereotypes, the divide

People responsible for genocide, for genocide.

And the deserts, the sand will cover it all up

The Red White and Blue we’re now the Red White and Blues


Disconnect from the killing with a remote control
But a mother and her children caught in the turmoil.

And there’s nothing we’ll do to stop it

The survivors are now ISIS, a loaded gun, we cocked it


Disconnect from the violence with your moral soul

You do it for your country but they lost control

We do it for Saddham but he’s already died

We do it for the boys in uniform but they’ve already died


Religion, its not about religion

Its personal choice and personal decision

Why don’t we sound off the bigots at the Capital too?

They called for the airstrikes and I call for their doom (boom)


We’ve disconnected, not introspected

We need to look in the mirror and see much clearer

Before we kill a culture by association

We disconnect and its their degradation 

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Our world
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