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A body with hands like maps Allow me to trace your highway veins Intertwine your fingers in mine And learn my roads, my cliffs My body yearns to know your story
Your touch is tattooed  On every curve Your smile Foggy amongst the autumn sun I dream of your eyes Sad and wandering
Why do you expect so much, why do you think I did this and that? Is it because my lips, hips, and chest are full, or because of the arch in my back?
"I am" is a phrase used world wide. A term used to define who you are, but sometimes those labels are taken too far. In a world full of titles- defining your destiny, I choose not to submit or be lead astray.
Phenomenal Woman can't you see? Phenomenal woman is not me...   My hips don't sway, and my hair is short. But I am a lady of some sort.   My mind is jailed while my heart roams free like the sun.
I have learned to love these curves As a rollercoaster to my body. The more curves, The more exciting, Because no one likes a ride, That only goes straight.   Glide your hands over the curves
Now I may not be that size small, medium or large, honey, I know, it.
"Real women have curves" A real woman has the nerve to say, I'm large and that's okay but don't tell me, a skinny girl I don't have a say In her identity Her gender Her worth
The road before her,It goes left and right,Making bends way too tight.She imagines her hips,Nothing like this road.Those thoughts begin to unload.Again they haunt her,
I used to grow up thinking daddy's wide shoulders were the highest point of Earth. questioning my worth as i stand here vertically challenged
I know it all too well  happens out of no-where  suddenly that girl or guy is 10x hotter than  you though....... even if the person is a complete jerk, dork or total know-it-all, 
Because I dont fit into society's criteria of beautiful love me through my curves Because people look at my stomach first love me through my curves I long for that moment when those who have more to feel,
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