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There is no revolution but The inner revolution of  The deeper revolution of The utter revolution of  The soul. And I am only free when I Can feel that I am free to truly Know that I AM FREE
Hot little sweetness  Oh! My goodness  Let's take a walk And make meaning of every halt.    Come, let's be our bolt  In pattern and in action of any kind Let's be blind.  
Ch'an music II Drink in a whilethe image ofan unfilled teacup. Enter that spaceflawless, open,enclosed by porcelain walls.
I want to praise you  For all you’ve done. The actions you’ve taken  To become who’ve you’ve become. Everyday  You take a path unknown,
And he saw  The light in my eyes, He saw I was trying, I was holding on tight. Once I felt freedom,  Now I feel too much.
How could I have fallen so deeply, for a soul so phlegmatic now? As you remain impervious by the atrophy of our love,
Awaken she A newness of heart A rebirth of the mind   Quietly she embraced The day as the night slipped away
The piercing of the gunshot and the race between my heart and mind is on And just like the pounding of running feet on the pavement, my heart is racing But it is the only thing I can hear
My mind is always m   o     v       i         n           g             y         e       l     l   i n   g s              c
The circle The rustle of the blanket Pulling me away from sleep From silence But in the absence of silence In the midst of noise
Peace my child, peace within. I skipped a rock the ripples spin. I seek the truth I threw the stone, but still I ponder Where did it go? Peace within.  Look at the lake
Take it easy Your mind is thin paper held up to the sun Through it shines colors the eye can’t even see, But you’re quick to burn too fast... Be mindful & burn slow...
My minds got me convinced that I'm scared of the silence , so I sit here with the music off. My minds got me convinced that I'm scared of feeling alone, so I set my phone to airplane mode.
Mindfulness What is it you cannot live without? Take you time,  think about it, breathe in and breathe out. What is it, that keeps you up for countless nights? The dog barking, baby crying,
As the light of the sun hits my face, darkness goes astray. Into the sunlight I let my troubles pass along. As I feel the wind across my arm, my heart floats to my sleeve and now I feel open-hearted.
No hawk ever spoke onthermodynamicsyet they soar on columns of air—Sometimes I see the pillars in the sky(a colonnade of winds)I enter in at the palace gate. .
Fossil fashions,The relics of yesterday,I dig through my drawers.TV, radio, papers, people,A thousand words a second,A downpour floods my garden.The sun shines on all,
A poem about confidence is a lot like a poem about love; They both involve deep emotions that can only be unlocked by one’s self. Whether it be confidence or love, when push comes to shove,
If the flames burn auburn in the chill of the night Patient rests my soul, for the eve of first light Notice not I, the cold that endures But wait for the sun whose golden glow assures
I stare into a shrinking candle’s flickering flame on my dusty, wax stained rug, on empty, still, Friday nights.
I'm finally going to fill up the pages of my life.  No more blanks. No more hesitation to fill in the spaces with bold, deliberate strokes.    I'm going to be able to focus again
Along with the wind My mind flows As a cool breeze Kisses my cheek And bright, colorful leaves Fill my eyes Such a beautiful sight Within walking meditatiion
1 Hands tied behind her back. Society wants to keep her down, beating her brain with ignorance and burying her in debt. A fury of thick red, yellow, purple and orange brush strokes surrounds
Unearth my spirit, Leave my pride aside, Foresake all of those who are without grace.  As self cognizance shall be praised,  For WE-US-ALL live unmistakably woven into our nature of existence.
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