With heartbreak comes strength

How could I have fallen so deeply,

for a soul so phlegmatic now?

As you remain impervious

by the atrophy of our love,

you enervate my already flaccid heart.


Among the curiosities of my

capacious mind, how your stare

beguiles me with an apocryphal

blanket of hope.


Comfortably numb.

Nothing has greater misery,

than to be aloof from oneself,

stuck in the past, refusing to

let go of nothing more than

unrequited love.




Are the tacit feelings from my

perfidious soul an aspersion,

or boon? This scathing rejection

of a past love has taught me pain, but with it

brought a greater happiness,

of the very bliss from within.



But only through the rubble

of what remains from my shattered dreams

and the broken pieces of the vase labeled “childhood”,

Is there a lone survivor, beating against all odds and

ever rising for herself, taking those dreams with her and making

them bigger, and of what she thought could break her, is giving

her the strength she never knew she had.


Raised in a world of bigotry,

and traveled through the flames of heartbreak

herself, love has always been the safe shore.

That very love she craved, and sailed the seven seas for,

has been with her all along, only through the hardest moments

Did she realize she has the power of creating love of her own.

She did not need to pick from the gardens of others to smell the flowers,

as she was neglecting her own colorful garden,

the kind of neglect she felt from others. 



She felt alone for so long, but she didn’t have to be,

she knows her love is magic, and she spreads it everywhere, 

starting with herself and her loved ones. She discovered she’s capable 

of generating the very thing she expected to be given from others. She was tired

Of waiting, so she chose to love herself, and explore every crevice of her being, 

and show gratitude of the love that was there the whole time.


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