What is it you cannot live without?

Take you time, 

think about it,

breathe in and breathe out.

What is it, that keeps you up for countless nights?

The dog barking, baby crying,

is your night light too bright?

When you wake up in the morning, 

those wheels are still rolling,

what to wear, how to speak,

the thoughts are overflowing.

Sometimes your most precious possession,

can be your worst nightmare.

They tell you to tone it down a notch,

but is that really fair?

You were born with this gift,

now they're saying you can't use it?!

This is the only thing thats yours,

why would you ever abuse it?

So they ask you again,

"What is it you cannot live without?"

You tell them your mind, your soul,

and you know this without a doubt.

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