gender equality

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I want to ride on the back of bees I truly wish you would recognize me I claw into myself I clean it up I get thrown in the trash for the garbage pickup I display raw strength
Although you think we don't care, Just know that we are there, In the shadows, In the corners, We await our moment The moment when we can rise to greatness   You spat on us,
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
Pretty ladies with a handsome man Flock and squawk nonsensically Are silly and full of mindless fantasies The man is powerful He can do anything   Beautiful lady with a crowd of men
Dear world,   First off, I would like to say, Thank you for taking the time To make me this way, Though it’s not been so kind.  
To anyone who may ask,
We were told when we were little we could be anything Little girls could be princesses Little boys could slay dragons  
Extraordinary   Picture a first generation girl. Her parents, never finished high school. Her older brother, spent the first 8 years of his life without seeing his father
The misery of war lies a heavy burden on my psyche Every night, I question who I am and why I’m here, despite My family’s need and my desire of adequacy
Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a beautiful princess whose name was Aurora. Her hair as golden as sunshine on a sunflower, lips as red as the red rose,
America, you lied to me I came here to grab all the opportunities It was a long wait, in that large embassy I held on my mother’s hand as we flew across the sea  
This year I learned that my body didn’t belong to me and that sexuality didn’t matter because men who thought they owned me decided that I didn’t matter.   Girls around me aching
mommy,you told me i was made ofthe galaxyand its brightest stars.then why did grandpa frown upon my sightand make us sit at another table?
please die there is no step 2
A bullet costs less than a quarter A life is cut shorter   A bullet is made of lead  A life is dead   A bullet is fast A life's wound is vast   A bullet hits hard
Dear boys:   We have a problem.  
The color of one’s skin Is not where they begin There should be no racism We’re all human   A gender is a gender
Life is not a poem. Any irony, foreshadowing, or rhyme scheme is accidental. You can’t read out my life in neat little stanzas and peal back the meanings one by one.
Being a woman should be a blessing, just as any life is.
Someone said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which one you’re going to get.” It’s a simple statement. Innocent enough. But what everyone should understand is chocolate is meant for more.  
She teaches her children never to hate That to love and be loved is life’s greatest joy And that no matter what, at the end of each day She’s thankful and can rejoice — even while struggling
I'm tired of looking at the human race in the eyes To see death, poverty, abuse all covered up by lies We told ourselves it wouldn't happen again But it never stopped my fellow men
With every "that's not ladylike" my voice drops a little lower until I become a mosquito tone. With every "you hit like a girl" my fists collapse at my sides as open palms, begging approval.
If I could change the world I would change  the wage gap the catcalls the disrespect the dismissal the phrase "Don't be such a girl"   If I could change the world
Gay, to straight, to something in between Whatever you are you, i am on your team. Girl, boy, however you identify yourself I will treat you how I treat everybody else. Full of respect and never judging you
She's a nag, but he is a leader She's inconsistent, but he is a dreamer She's moody, yet he is led by passion She's a flirt, while he is just dashing Will equality ever be found,
We are the people of this world We are the people of America What are rights? Does rights have a color, a ethnic a gender, a race? NO Rights are something that is given but yet earned.
Look, boy, I'm talking to you: You who love the curve of my hip like a child You who find solace when I'm meek-mannered and mild You who find sweetness in my summer fleetness
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