Who Are We?

Although you think we don't care,

Just know that we are there,

In the shadows,

In the corners,

We await our moment

The moment when we can rise to greatness


You spat on us,

Told us that we would never be good enough

Look how far we've made it

A female surgeon, cop


But ultimately the right to forge our own destiny

We choose who we become

If someone tells us otherwise

We can give less of a damn


Our lives were mainly dictated by others

Our marriage a business agreement

Sold off like a piece of land

Now we sell the land

We can always make more than 5 grand

But still we don't get paid the same


They say we don't work as hard

But when have you seen a woman sitting pretty behind a desk

We always work to our fullest potential

Yet we don't "work as hard as men"

So my question to you is:

Will you stand up for what's right?


Will you stand up for your daughters,

Sisters, wives, mothers?

Teach them their worth

So they know that they are equal,

So when they see their paycheck,

Compared to their male counterparts and colleagues,

They know that they are being paid by their work quality,

And not less because of their gender,


What women want now is a good job,

So they don't have to juggle several jobs

To try and support ourselves and in some cases a child

Because those children need to see that being a woman,

Although it's hard sometimes,

Has a benefit because the mother should also be allowed to be with her children,


To see them grow,

To see them change and develop

So the mother never has to ask,

What happened to the time?


So the child never has to ask,

Where have you been all my life?

The mother was working to give them the best

The child was trying to find their mother

Amongst the woman who came in with messy hair and bags under her eyes


Having to move from place to place

Trying to afford rent and never being just there

Always off by a few dollars

Never able to fill the small gap


So who are we?

We are the women of now

Now is the time to stand up for what is right

The right thing doesn't have to come from just women,

Men can help the cause too because it takes bravery to go against the societal norms of several decades.

That's who we are

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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