Perfect high

They say you do it and everything just starts to fade, you open up your eyes and your problems just seem to go away, like how can you be high & still feel low, & if getting high makes my problems go away I dont have enough to make problems go, you know, make them stay gone, but im opening new chapters that they thought i'd close guess they were dead wrong, i got this anger boiling inside of me i keep tryna contain but they insist to egg on, it could level a city it can make it dissapear, but when your high you cant be low, lifes the way you actually want it, &' they want you to just wake up from this, but they couldnt wake you if they wanted, so what we just escape our families and our lives reeking havoc here so we run to avoid pain, leaving when our world starts to get a little rain, its all just too easy, i love a challenge, because expectations are so low, and emotions runniing high, but WK did it again, killed yall standards and never told you why, & i did it all while i was here man I wasnt even high,


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