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Palindrome poem "School Days"
“Pretty Ribbons, Pretty Bows” By Tricia Anklam   Pretty ribbons, pretty bows My life will be greatYeah, um, no I was told I couldn’t do it anymore. 
"But you can't do that" they say, "Give up" is an answer. Excellence is too much. Nothing can be done and Everything in time will fail. Nobody is perfect.
Love Enters Reality Someday.   Previously, it was me before you.   It’s now lost time.   Seeing you hurts.   It is necessity.   What is “it?”
what i love and who i love are you simply because i love you  
  S     C     A     R     F R     E     V     E     R S     I     B     L     E I did not intendit this way a foundation u n f i x e d
Hate Creates love Forever changing and lasting impressions Combines hate with love Neither are masterpieces Both are tainted Both beautiful But  Beautiful both Tainted are both
It's hard to Believe in yourself Knowing your voice And to let it shine through Care about what they say And you say don't Listen to your heart Stop please Know your worth
  Face, dark, with faded rays Against statue, seeing pure, Graceful being, left astray. Went, he thought, though unsure.   Unsure, though thought he went Astray left being graceful.
Strange, isn't it? when life proves wisdom and exchange of wit the strife in being dumb calls us, so young. The toils come over. Hardships sung. We, as youth, gave labor.
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