Scarf Reversible

Sun, 06/26/2016 - 01:37 -- joyia

  S     C     A     R     F

R     E     V     E     R

S     I     B     L     E

I did not intendit this way

a foundation u n f i x e d

l e a d s to a project with

uneven edges \ carelessness

c a n n o t  s a l v a g e

a   t h r e a d  unbroken

patience i s   n e e d e d

to finish what you started

sometimes it is necessary

to forgive y o u r s e l f

return where you left off\

be k i n d   to    yourself

creation is not im/possible

with / out risking a mess

no l o o p is completely

with / o u t importance

there is    n o   stitch

u n a b l e   to build

theydistort but are not

w i t h / out purpose

extrastitches mayappear

when you leastexpect them

youcansometimes addstitches

to make up for lost    space

it’s easy to go ovvverboard\

it’s important to keep track

I have to count my stitches

when I get to this   point

it f e e l s reward enough

to see how much I’ve grown

itgets tricky herebut I love

the satisfaction ofcompletion

I am   m o t i v a t e d   by

not a  p r e tty accessory

but a useful handmade work

not from the departmentstore

it’s exciting to own clothing

despite its rippled appearance

I  h a v e   to   f i n i s h

for  o n c e  in my  l i f e

I am determined to complete

s  o  m  e  t  h  i  n  g

a big \ warm \ bulky scarf

is definitely going to be

my greatest project todate

R     E     V     E     R

  S     I     B     L     E

S     C     A     R     F


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