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Gently touch her, gently care,For the day may come — swiftly whenThat endless cruel knockingon doors bolted from the insideDies down and turns intogray silence.
There are clouds in the sky, However ,it is still blue. You remind me of someone I know. Even though, my memory has a partial flow.   Underneath the storm,the sun still shines through.
Please forgive me if I forget your name. Nothing seems the same. All this confusion is a pain. Is that snow or rain? My memory is fading. Only the fog is cascading One day, a cure will be found.
i still remember the jar of cookies you hid behind the picture frames the sweet buttery smell that wafted out everytime you cracked it open, "shhhh" you whispered with a sly grin on your face our little secret 
i lost a little more of you today there must be a wormhole in the bathroom  because when you walked out  you couldn't remember who i was i showed you the television 
I saw on the news that people were protesting wearing the cloth masks in public spaces because it violated their rights.
I hear the deep rolling growl of my fathers pick up truck pulling into our driveway The plumes of smoke filling the air like an ominous grey cloud of warning.  
Chukkling chubby chewing Chocos Ogle traitors!I am quotidian , I am mundane
You're slipping away Your mind it is almost gone Eyes clouded by confusion Then you sing a song your eyes brighten once more The moments seem to be passing by your minds door Once strong and leaned on,
I was too young the first time- And it is only one time for now. And why shouldn't you have another try? But now, unlike before, even through your cloudy eyes, you see his war decorations
It started with pain in her bellyHer vision became blurryHer legs refused to listen to her mindThe pain, the physical painunbearableHer handsClumsybut not too clumsy to pour a drink
Thank you But for what? I have succeeded in nothing but failure. I couldn’t stop her mood from changing, Or the kids from calling,
Dementia is stealing you, Worse is grandma’s view. You were so tall, Now we fear a fall. We feared the test, You were not at your best. Once our light, Now, not so bright. We lie, So not to cry. Many stay away, To our dismay.
Hollow Skin cracked and fading Hair black but greying Unable to get up and move past the craving Of more time and young life
Darling when we met; the stars smiled at us. Meeting you has been a treat my darling. Loving you darling became effortless. Our love grew as if a flower blooming.   Time moved faster as we passed our prime.
Wherever I may go I know where I have been. My grandfather, has lost this. For everything he sees, he does not remember. Memories make us who we are. Without them, we are a lost cause.  
The world’s best computer Here in my head, Is all I need Until I am dead.   The ability to reason And think and decide, If I should run Or if I should hide.  
All I really need Is the power of women in my roots And my memories   And that is enough because You remind me of my grandmother.   She flows through my bloodstream And some days
26 March 2014   Though my words have been scattered and my lips been tainted, take her heart and lift it. Take her mind and relieve it. Take away her pain, not her life.
Your mind is deteriorating right in front of my eyes But the flesh still clings to your cheekbones
So old, wise, strong and frail Tragic, empowering, endearing and vague The man I have lost and the man I have gained We have seen your facets  Of love, loss, pain and suffering We are known as you are to us
Don’t breathe, talk or blink, just stare. Though my mind tries to grasp the words to make sense of this, all that comes to me is a sound, and I feel as if I may pass out.  
Who are you? I'm Kimberlyn -    The one who spent Every weekend, And those sticky, sweet, Georgia summers At your house making memories.   The one that glistened Every Christmas
His porcelain skin & wiry brown hair, His rosy cheeks & baby blue eyes, The cotton jacket  With matching leather shoes & stiff cap. Always at attention, like a soldier
You may be gone, gone past all returning,  But I'll hold you like a candle in my heart.    And I know that this candle will keep burning,  Until my memories have flown apart.  
Thinking the world is conspiring to go against your will Your closest relatives seem to be the ones farthest away The way you view the world has changed
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