The New You

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 01:31 -- MonniM


 Why do you make my mother cry Why do you yell when we try to help And why did it have to be you? Why.  I remember we could talk for hours Now our conversations last 30 seconds. You use to be so clean and proper, now you barely take showers.  This person I once knew, It isn't the New You.  When it first beganI couldn't watch, I didn't want to see So I ran. I wasn't there for my mom and I wasn't there for you. If only you knew.  How much I loved you and how much it hurt. How I miss our talks and our movies. Now you're barely able to put on a shirt.  As I got older and the year went on I learned how to adapt and I gave it time. Eventually we got along. And I realized I was wrong.  I could see you fighting the disease eating at your brain. And as you lost a lot,I was able to gain.  I gained the patience and love it took To appreciate how moments meant so much Ones like how you'd fall asleep to me reading a book.  As time went on and I grew. I was able to open up and see clearly And though it hurt and you grew weary,My mother was pained and our eyes teary,You continued to make us smile like the lady we once knew. And in due time, I was able to accept the New You. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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