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O what a charming blue day! Twittering birds had so much to say But much duller inside, where boredom did hide,
  Alas, I am sitting in class, Stressed for the upcoming test. Afraid I am unprepared to pass, My heart pounds in my chest.  
Lights flicker People bicker Eyes role back Vision goes black Then theres a shake Like an earthquake The body tenses Energy only one of the expenses Head jerks forward
Past: A girl. Afraid. Terrified of her own self, Because it had become the unknown.
Bodies, faces, eyes all around me, surrounding. voices whisper, scream, shout, laugh, cry. my hands shake, twitch as I walk by. I stare in the distance, my mind becoming numb, dimming society’s sting.
Once upon a time, there was a teen by the name Jose. He was like any other high school student. He wanted to be successful in life but also wanted to go out and enjoy his day.
It seems my body is out of touch The signs are showing, its independence growing Autonomous spasms seize my control My conscious being slammed to the floor Knocked out by my very own host
At the beginning of last year, I was only fifteen. At the beginning of last year, I was spending most of my time in the hospital. At the beginning of last year, I was still having seizures.
Faces of those around me, Each has a different story, A beginning, middle, and end, And a perfectly integrated plot. Yet, I am declared Faceless.   They don't see a story, They don't see a face,
all i need all i need is a reason. all i need is a wish. all i need is a goal. all i need is ambition. all i need is belief.
Help. Fights, screams, yells, sirens, ambulances... No such thing There is no help Crying and yelling Sirens and running Nobody helps you Nothing helps you Overbearing, rotten 
Painstakingly different Is how I always feel. I try to fit in and I do with ease, At first.   My Scarlet Letter is invisible to those around me, But do not see the chains I carry.
Helpless. An intense electrical pain filters through my scared body. My unlucky limbs become violently uncontrollable. Shaking. Trembling. Tense. Afraid. I scream in my head for it to stop!
You are my inspiration
Eleven years old taking on the world. Eager to impress, she's just a girl. One night, the same as any other. The only one aware, her loving mother.   It takes her wholly, body and mind.
Can You hear me, God? It's me again. I've come to talk to you about my dear friend.   She told me the story of  how she became who she is today. How her happiness was sucked out
A slow, seeping pain enters my body,But I know too well that it was already there;Dormant, sleeping, then like a whisper,It shatters the silence, but its secret is only shared with me.
Normalcy will be my only wish Many ask for money or love I only ask to have control To have a life I can be proud of Fairy tales only consist of lies and falsities No happy ever after for the seizure girl
Black and white. No, it is only black. Leave my life for a while But wake up with some bile Cry over the time I have lost. Grateful for the break Of dreams or to be awake. Not think of the life
“Why did this happen to me?” I ask this all the time. “Will I have a spasm today?” I ponder in my mind.   My friends, they all worry My teachers worry too.
  With a flash the memories are gone A Dozen of cars crashed them all Holding your hand and biting your lips Is that the terror that comes within?   On your wrist it shows
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