Can You Hear Me?


Can You hear me, God?

It's me again.

I've come to talk to you

about my dear friend.


She told me the story of 

how she became

who she is today.

How her happiness

was sucked out

from a dementor from within.


How at the yound age

of eight, a clot

in her blood caused

her mind to blank.

She visited the place

of light,

only to return to

her own personal Hell.


Her arm is paralyzed

and what did You do, God?

You added more of a

burden to her

already flawed life.


At the age of nine

she was playing in gym

when the alarm of fire

started ringing in her ears.


She dropped to the floor,

hitting her head.

Uncontrollable shaking,

but not in fear.

Her mind is playing a game

by creating

a never ending storm.


Another trip to the

hospital, as the shaking

does not stop.


Her mother was a mess

as she tried to stay strong.

Her father was away,

freedom calling his name.




Why, God?


Why would you do this 

to an innocent girl?


Do You hear her, God?

Do You hear her as

she weeps in her pillow

when the sky grows

cold and dark?


Imagine how her father felt

when he returned 

to see his little girl's 

happiness has vanished

while he was away.


Her despression was created

by all the kids at school

as they cowered away

from the girl that shakes.


Her only escape is 

a camp in the summer 

where she feels safe,

as though she

finally belongs.

She's happy there.

She feels accepted.


Do you know

she doesn't believe?

She thinks you left;

abandoned her.


I have always told her

You only give Your

children what you think

they can handle.

She's breaking God.

She cannot handle 

the pain anymore!


She tries to act 

like she is okay

but we both know


Everything is not what

it appears to be.


At sixteen she has

never experienced love.

In her mind the world

hates her.


Everyone makes fun of her.




How can you just sit 

there and let all this happen?

Watch as your strong children

pick on the weak,

each of them slowly

starting to break.


I'm worried, God.

I am worried she

is going to visit you

sooner than planned.


Can You hear me, God?

I am asking for your


Forgivness for her sins,

my sins,

the worlds sins.


Can You hear me, God?

This is Your daughter, 

pleading you to help

all those going through 

hard times.


For those who

never knew their parents.

For those hanging onto

their sould,

begging to stay

another day.


But I want to thank you, God,

for introducing her 

into my life.

She changed 

the way I think.


She is my

Best Friend.

An she helped me

become who I am today.


All I want is to help her,

To tak her pain away.

Are You there God?

Can You hear me?



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This is so awsome. I feel like I can connect with this and you bring an emotional elemnt to the poem that is just brilliant. 

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