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She rises with the morning, She lights all that she sees, Her warming rays embrace me, Reminding me of my worth.   She never stops her shining, She dries all of my tears,
True Perspective, a story on different experiences and perspectives, that the person he admired and looked up to was bigger than him but in reality, much smaller.
  Blood trickled down her skin, She did it herself, She’s very proud of her win.   Red stains spread to the floor, Drip, Drop, Drip! Each new puddle is an exit door.  
Look at those matted strands upon your head Spots on your face like a dalmatian Your knees knock knocking while you clamber  down the street  You ! Yea you  I see you 
Who am I to deny who I am? It may not be right It isn’t desirable But I’m not going to pretend
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