Blood trickled down her skin,

She did it herself,

She’s very proud of her win.


Red stains spread to the floor,




Each new puddle is an exit door.


She smiles and grimaces at her pain,

She wishes so dearly she can leave with the rain,

But her escape is also her chains.





She’s hit the wall.

But she can’t imagine, “Is this all?”


“What did I do to deserve a life like this?”

“Is my fate sealed with such a quick kiss?”


“I can’t imagine that there’s no love.”

“No savior, no protection, no fight worth the dove?”


With anger inside she bashed her hanging mirror,

Glass shattered to the floor,

“Oh, how I wish someone was here!”

She looked to the stars and tears fell to the floor,

Red and blue mixed in a river of woe,

She could no longer see any door.


In a quiet voice she made a wish,

Upon the shooting lights that carried bright wisps.


“All I want are some smiles.”

“Just one would take miles.”


“All I want is one with some morals.”

“With one I wouldn’t feel such inner turmoil.”


The clouds moved in and covered the night above,

The sky grew dark and her head dropped low,

“I wonder…when will my heart be given decent love?”


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