' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships love

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I know you still hate me for what I did. I know I can’t say I was not to blame. I know if I did, it would be a lie.  I know I hurt you, even though I swore not to. 
I’ve never seen the moon smile before the way it did last night and the way it reminded me of you  
my vulnerability is your advantage you smile through the tears you made thru me you drink the tears of my helpless cries i thought this was love
My minds shattered pieces scattered everywhere  
You know, hate is an extraordinarily strong word. Its so strong that you can turn a positive into a negative, a lovely light into a dark cloud.
I am haunted by my past and scared for my future. Tormented by stone memories  and chased by alabaster dreams.  Through the thicket of sin and self-destruction I persist.
Dear parents, Love is supposed to provide a refuge from the outside world, not exposure to it. "This is how the real world is!" "I'm doing this because I love you. Someday, you'll thank me."
I wish I could've been enough for you. I wish you could be happy with who you are without having to have a girlfriend. But, you'll never feel complete unless you do. I don't doubt I meant something to you when we were friends.
She brought me that fire Hell on earth; but felt like heaven To me and to my desires
It’s none of your business! Interjected quickly and often, Becomes an all too familiar sound But those five words can’t soften,
With the verdict still out, I have a question? Is it my eyes brown with a story of hurt, causing them to shimmer? Is it my pecan skin that glows in the night's refection of stars? Is it because you know exactly how I feel using it to your advantag
You have overstayed your welcome and you're not even here. Failing to pay the free rent for the space you invaded I know it’s unfamiliar, but for once be sincere. I know the cost is and will be severe.
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