Flowers and Trees

I've always been a flower, delicate and soft

My beauty always praised, my presence always loved

I flutter in the wind, my petals colourful and bright

Smiling at the world, shining in the sunlight

I fell for a tree, the promise of protection

Powerful and strong, though I was afraid of your rejection

So much power, you accepted me, took me under your leaf

Though love and protection didn't stay for long, but I didn't see through your deceive 

When I saw the soil, I had settled in by now, was toxic and rotten

The chances of turning back, could long be forgotten

Trees are big and wise, but they block the sun it's light

A little flower under a tree, will never shine as bright

My colour began to fade

My beauty hidden in the shade

Falling for a tree, will cause the flower to fade

This poem is about: 
Our world


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