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When did every birthday stop feeling like "the best birthday ever"? When did Christmas start to feel less of "holy cow presents!" And more "oh god family obligations”?
Misunderstood, misconceived. Judgment by society. Look to me, what do you see? Silence unjustifiably.  
After saving a quarter for the runs,
Shes poor- with a dead beat dad whom lives in the house but no connection-he stays on the coutch while mother works her ass off cleaning houses and sweeping the floors of ones whoms only problem is their maunfuctioning macbooks.
There are two ways to label, numbers and categories.   Height, weight, and the circumference of the waist divided by the hips Define beauty. Age, IQ, and net worth
  Questions By: Brandon Olmos   We raise our hands, for an answer we demand. One by one, Almost all, all but one. One who was afraid, afraid to speak his mind,
Demo-, people, cracy-, government A society for, by, and of the people, But without education, democracy cannot exist, A society endowed with intellectuals provides the true key,
The cage is open But not to free me. To free me from the bonds That once held my cellmate Whom I expect now runs Far away from the hate
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