' 'deep' 'mental health’; depression ; death ; imagery

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i feel alone   more so than i've ever felt before yet i’m surrounded by people who care care about me more than i do  
the time of death  the last breath don`t die too soon you are not going to see moon all the people you meet are not in gentle greet your all organs are taken out like tea pot when it spouts
An angel was her guardian  Unknownly she does not realize that he watches over her Doing his duty, protecting her But overtime, it did not work  His heart has fallen for her 
I watched the salty breeze rip through your hair. You sat in the sand just close enough to the ocean to put your feet in. The ocean that took you from me.
The disease of emotion, a lack thereof. Relentless, all consuming; the whisper in your ear. "Listen to me, to me!" The murk knows best; the bleach of passion, the dilution of fervor.
death has been called to order skies draped in cumulonimbus ravens and crows time in procession and light disconnected he is gone and he is here death has done it again
It comes like a wolf in the night hidden in the darkness of my mind With no sign of attack but once it does it doesn't let go It knocks the wind out of me and my chest tightens
Sometimes i just sit back and listen to thoughts in my head. Why? Cause on that day im wondering are the thoughts / voices going to be good or bad. No one knows how it feels to be different and stay mind focused daily
I feel so fake, My heart has been replaced, With a void Full of pain and hate, Ill be okay...im not okay, When I'm with you i feel im out of place, But girl you have to see
Day 1: The half-eaten PB&J oozing jelly on her nightstand intrigued me, but the smell of unwashed socks and sweaty yoga pants kept
time is relevent  time is relevent to who  time is relvent to who and why  why is time relvent ? why is the who to time relvent ? t i m e i s r e l
here i stand among pretty boys  pretty girls  pretty smiles  pretty laughs  wtih those  pretty lies  pretty lies  pretty lies  that burn inside my mind  here i stand among
Ambivalence, confusion, anxiety Being on the state of complexity, Crazy, that's how they call you,   Defining how is it to live though,
Alyssa Kirby Unearth   I can’t help but fantasize about the suffocating serenity  that living underground would give me.
What happened that night? I still don't comprehend. From my therapy sessions to my wet, sweat-filled sheets in the middle of the night, and haunted slithering dreams. I couldn’t breathe. I still don't know.
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