The Alphabet of Perplexity

Ambivalence, confusion, anxiety

Being on the state of complexity,

Crazy, that's how they call you,  

Defining how is it to live though,

Expressing emotions without words,

Falling tears killing like swords,

Genuine happiness felt eon of years,

Hoping to escape these enormous fears,

In this world where no one cares,

Jeopardized life and poisonous stares,

Kali is just there waiting at the corner,

Licking his lips like a hungry panther,

Making your soul oh so weary,

Nigh abyss of an endless misery,

Oasis, yes! Oasis of desolation,

Peasant of dolefulness and frustration,

Qui vive on the possible attacks,

Retreat remained like a needle in haystacks,

Soberness from drunken tears seems impossible,

Thoughts of eluding is still invincible,

Unceasing melody of melancholy,

Viciously fighting but hindered by uncertainty,

Wondering if there's someone out there who have seen,

Xanadu, is it really possible to live in?

Young dreams vanishing from day to day,

Zone out of euphoria --- a nomad who will, in sadness, stay.


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It is a feeling of surprise that causes perplexity does not, by definition, have a positive or negative character.  Both options are possible and not all negative as it is said in this alphabet ... it is just my opinion.  Very creative, I like it!


I'll take note of that. Thank you for the appreciation. ❤️

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