Ancient Greece

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Zeus lounges in the booth of a bar Beard scraggly, teeth yellowed  He smiles at women who sip vodka and martinis.
my hair used to be my most prized possession (so i cut it shoulder-length and dyed it black) as were my dignity and worth, but right now 
Dionysus, the man of greed The king of ecstasy The queen of mead Dionysus, Dionysus, the graceful drunk The dapper playboy With charm and spunk
I like to imagine Ganymede, famed wine-bearer of the pantheon, to be a skilled bartender despite his youthful naivete   Perhaps his wish is, using his nightly tips, to care for his father
A classic tale of love and intrigue. The ancient Greek saga.  Homer, alas, has a Tumblr. And does nothing but post all day. Will he ever write that novel? Only time (& the fates) will tell.
When I tell you I’m a writer, is there a reason for the pity in your eyes? Is it because you know that I bleed syllables, or that I cry metaphors,
Sweat pours down bodies in streams, Blood is caked between the toes of feet, Of the men chosen for honor redeemed.   Swords doused in red ink, Shields reflecting the suns gleam, Cry out your call,
To Confront someone about a problem Is something people must take solemn. Futile, I know my efforts may be in vein but I intend to undertake and let my words reign.
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