'Climate change' 'global warming' 'environment'

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I want to see the world Where did it go? It was once beautiful But now turned to smoke   As I brush off its remains
Here first, they sprang,  Before humans came,  Brown arms stretched out, Towards the sun    Here first, they came, 
Being hinted down in a Forrest filled with skyscrapers Dodging bullet like traffic I sat down on an artificial Park bench comforted By artificial trees thinking about Global warming, climate change
I worry.   I worry about our planet. I worry about our planet and about how much time we have left.   I worry.   I worry about our future. I worry about our future generations.
Her hand grazed my skin. “Please, be calm my child.” Serenity plagued each of my senses. Flames from the fire grabbed at my shoeless feet. Yet, I was the happiest I have been. Mother looked sadly into my green eyes.
in this world we are all connected, we leave each other unprotected. too blinded by greed, we forget that we need to see.   the world around us is dying, as we just stop there lying.
A mother watches her childBlindLooking to his futureHer time is his, but not all of his time is hersWaiting
The concrete covers the colors So bleak in just a blink The reason we breath Now covered in concrete
A curve in the air to show possession  That something belongs to be being  Most likely a person   However, 
one man alone on an island, the waves do not curve around him, no they pumble him like the rest of the pebbles 
I sit here in my roomoblivious to the mess outsideto the wilt at my doorthe death on the shorethe things people choose to ignore
Lands filled life and glee Oceans as far as the eye can see Had been thrivng for infinity Now dying because of you and me   All the greenhouse gasses That are spread by the masses
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