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welcome to my world!   my world where stars shine in the morning sky, a world where life is like a roller coaster ride. a life where pain is your only friend,  and breakfast only consists of bread.
Heavy hearts Heaving chests Tired thoughtsLonging eyes Busy lines Silenced lips All is well It’s all normal They call it normalcyWe call it life Occupied lands
Another day Like the days gone Days gone into monthsLike any other day Of no news No message Another day Of wishes and rumours Hopes and horrors Maybe it is still true
Any news from Kashmir? They say now women are freeChildren will play and go to schoolFreedom has been delivered Any news from Kashmir ? Yes, no news is good news Isn’t it , they say
Now that we have anexed your home What about a swimming poolOr a big kitchen A home theatre A gym would be nice But why is it so green? We shall paint it red But remember
As he walked out Heavy hearted thoughts occupied that feeling of nothingness, for being or not being what for and how far did you not hear, the whispers rumours unknown
Fifty days, Of siege, Horror, Longing, Uncertainty, Wakefulness, Abyss, Anguish, Betrayal, Tears, Hurt, Torment, Do not be duped, There are festivities,
Do you know? Many months ago, When it was still summer, Sun high and mighty, Flowers in full bloom, The foliage over the hills, Waters fresh in rivulets, Birds still chirping free,
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