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You said forever  I guess you didn't mean it You went for my best friend What happened to loyalty?  She likes you too  It hurts but if you're happy leave Go be with her, please do
My sweet first kiss  Of woman’s lips  Left my mother worried  I told her it meant nothing  But in that eternal moment  It meant the world to me 
His quivering hands hold back His eyes stare wide Should he take the roses Or shrivel up and hide?
Oh, mother Sappho! I call upon you There's a girl of who we need to confer She came into my life like morning dew, And stayed like a ceaseless winter froze her.
He is a beautiful man As I listen to his stories… War, Muslim, Gay, Death, Romance, Hard work, He inspires me to be better I love him, but he doesn’t love me
Eternal love,  far greater than eternal glory. Their love, burns brighter than any story. Two soldiers in war, brothers in arms in the light, lovers at night. Hidden love, Forbidden love,
  I'm gay, I'm straight, I love, I hate, I appreciate I disrespect.  I'm smart, I'm dumb. I feel  but I'm numb, I fight but I fear. I seek, I hide I run but I stay in place. I won, I lost, I gave it my all. I gave nothing. 
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