The Scent of Roses When They Fall

His quivering hands hold back

His eyes stare wide

Should he take the roses

Or shrivel up and hide?

“Roses are for girls”

He says while up against the wall

“Wouldn’t you like to know

The scent of roses when they fall?”

Take a step forward, take a step back

Here in this dilemma they dance

Nerves and confusion aside

He’s decided to take the chance

Years go by

And you’d think they’d been through it all

Until one by one they start to go

The petals of roses when they fall

Grasp the love he once had

Find a way to rekindle the sparks

Only to realize that this is the end

The end of both their arcs

This is it, their final goodbyes

Fond and fair love after all

But on to find a new love

To gift roses that will fall

What is there to celebrate?

The scent of roses when they fall

Only then could you appreciate

The scent of roses when they fall

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My community
Our world
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Hi, forgot to comment earlier but my name is Bianca and the title of this poem came to me in the middle of the night, so I decided to write it down and work on it in the morning. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

Thank you for reading my poem.

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