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She speaks to me in seafoam.  Born beautiful, she kissed my eyelids and gave me her love of everything.  Her fingertips are callused from centuries of knotting heartstrings. 
Lucia Bonaccio Dear Mother (A letter to Demeter) Dear Mother, I ate the pomegranate seeds not because I was famished  But because he gave me more than you could ever 
Dark land ruled by an odd mix Sailing through the clashing waves Deep, past the River Styx Further than Cerberus' Cave  There lies a princess of peace and torment innocent among her narcissus garden 
Wasn't raised by the gods  So I lowered myself  Give me some credit because I raised myself well Give you some credit because you gave me hell I grew from the ashes  I dont speak I yell 
they told you i was taken. stolen from my honey paradise of flowers and sunshine, dragged six feet under and buried alive.   they told you i was forced.
As night falls I must return Before I scare my mother silly And yet I cannot pull myself away From this coffee shop called "The Lilly" Oh, how the city lights glitter The wet pavement so bright
She holds flowers in her hands, and he wonders if one day she will wilt because of him, too.
Persphone. a rose in a garden of sunflowers, lived at home, until one day she didn't,   Hades.  the needle in the haystack, the man of her dreams, and her nightmares,  
Catch quick a cold, succumb to a fever Latch quick to a lover, create snowflakes in the ether That's how winter came to be She, a farmer's daughter in August He, an executive in Necropolis
the Earth once asked its lover what are humans made of? same as you replied the Girl explain  said the Earth i have iron in my blood,  oxygen in my lungs,  and salt in my tears,
The flowers always died in his presence. He had only ever seen the bright and brilliant colors of meadows from a distance.  Never had he been able to feel the soft petals or waft the sweet scent of spring.  
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