Dear Mother (A letter to Demeter)

Lucia Bonaccio

Dear Mother (A letter to Demeter)

Dear Mother,

I ate the pomegranate seeds not because I was famished 

But because he gave me more than you could ever 

I still remember that day when the fields shook and he arose in flames of blues and reds

He looked more than intimidating as he rode his jet black chariot and halted by my side

Mother that was the first time anyone had looked me in the eyes like I was more than just a glistening jewel

He held out his hand and promised me a future where he would stand beside me forever

I was naive and foolish to think your love was all that mattered 

I told him I could never be his when I was already yours

He didn’t take No for an answer

Mother the underworld is beautiful

or rather a beautiful that contrasts from the scenery of the field

The shades of blues and black glisten under the night sky

The iridescent light of lost souls wander close to the settling rivers around our thrones

Cerebrus guards our gates and reassures me that I am safe as he howls at the moon

However as the days go by mother, I can’t help but ponder how you must be feeling

Do you leave the harvest to rot as you walk on aching feet while roaming for me

What an ungodly thing to do

The earth must look ill-favored compared to the ravishing gardens Hades has built for me 

Different hues of reds and pinks pour like flowing water farther than the eye can see

Flowers range from romantic roses to bright azaleas that feel only of warmth and love

Hades respects me when he’s not admiring my curiosity and beauty he educates and entertains

Mother I have fallen in love not only with his knowledge but with his thoughtfulness 

So when I feasted upon those lovely pomegranate seeds and made my decision to stay with Hades my husband 

I assure you my husband would never trick me for he loves me much more than you would ever know


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