' 'body image'

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I watch you fade away begging him to stay I watch you wait for him  you almost fall off the limb  but  I catch you like I always do   He hurt us when we were six
Yeah Imma Skinny Mini In a bikini  Part of the Small titty community  It don’t offend me It is me.  
I was told once That hope was a thing with feathers. So's Mine. Great black plumes he has. Wings that blot out the sun. A beak curved like a sabre. Talons meant for tearing. My liver my heart.
I have always been a fan of alien movies.
Take the compliment— Creepy stares at night, Men in alleyways, Creepy men in broad daylight, Take their compliment.  
Perfection is my nightmare of personal preference, What is and what cannot be is suffering on a thin line not to be crossed, The thought of who I am and who I cannot be joined as one.
It's true that I've lost weight and that I'm healthier and fitter;   I can lift more and run farther... but it feels like it's not enough - like it will never be enough.
This body.   One heart.   Two valves.   300 million veins.  37 trillion cells.   Regenerating every second to keep you alive.  
An apology Letter to My Body   Dear body, I am sorry  For once hating your small Asian eyes And your mildly yellow skin color because everyone around you was white
imperfect i need  to be perfect   so why  aren’t i?   i wish 
At seven years old, taller than the rest. Quiet, shy, obedient, I look into the mirror and see, The eczema dripping on my skin,
Pointing is bad, my mother would tell me Respect everyone for who they are To be big, tall, skinny, or gay Don't let anyone get in your way I listened and followed her every word
For the past eight years, my voice has been strangled in the hands of others I’ve been using their voices to dictate what I do with my body and my actions 
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