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She is a shade darker than the universe Her eyes will pull you , Closer and harder, like gravity, Right to the core of her soul Her locks curled and swirled Like the galaxies She is galactic
I am sorry that I am not perfect I am sorry that I am not like you want me to be  I am sorry if I am smarter than you 
My heart was broken, an infinite amount of times. The sadness that was within it, weighed a ton. I never understood the reason, but I had inferred that it was I who was the problem.
No amount of writing would bring myself back,  yet here I am. I write and write and write. I come up with metaphors to describe what hating myself feels like
my hands and feet could touch either sides of the walls now so i bent my knees and elbows i twisted and turned on the cold floor body struggling to find a comfortable spot face hidden by the shadows
“Hey fat girl!” Who are they talking too and that is so mean. There’s a little girl walking down the halls She looks normal enough It’s the first day of school, kindergarten.
My life you say Then why must try and take away You say that you trust and yet your actions mislead You say that you love but your soul is all green Green with envy that is of the steps I am taking
I have always been in love with love. Maybe it was just the thought of someone, someone loving me the way I am. My mistake was not knowing love can be twisted. A simple “I love you” meant that I had to forgive
Self Love, Set me free, Set me free of the person I used to be Mental abuse can alter your mind to think the worse of you, but you are POWERFUL, its true     Nobody can be a better you than, you
It doesn't matter what you look like. And it doesn't matter what color you are or the size. What matters is rather or not you believe in stars. What matters is if you believe in yourself and nobody else. No one is going to guide you all day.
Lips as ripe as roses a crown born of bone A woman may master both extremes if she wishes to hold her own   Let your smile be soft
What do you see when you look into the mirror? Do you see a face of grace or the belief of grief? Do you see a bless of sucsess or a complete defeat?   When a girl looks into the mirror, She sees fat,
What do you see when you look into the mirror?
She was drawing with her Reeves HB sketch pencil in her 2010 Strathmore sketchbook that her grandparents had given her last Christmas. She had drawn his eyes with great precision, and the bump on his nose bent just right, his lips were textured as
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