'O Captain

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The first time we collide I was in aweI could believe this type of happiness Knowledge that if I ever did cry raw You would welcome me into your own nestWith a name just as odd as the beaches 
I am definitely most odd With problems so broad When I had a bad day You made it less grey And suffered time at school Feeling like such a tool You gave me your thoughts To undo my knots
You have taken care of me since I was born You buy all the things I want You have always been there when I needed you most You have always been pushing me to do my best  I don't know where I would be without you
I love my mother She gives to me and my brother Her hair smells like flowers She cares and takes care She hugs me like a bear I love you mother She gives me so much love
In life, there are those who Lead you to your destiny But there are also those who Are nothing but your enemy.   The truth is, we cannot process feelings of gratitude
So much has happened So much has changed When you debuted People laughed Judged, and didn’t believe What you could become   As years went by You made history
You knew my story but you still left Your love was my strength when things got intense At no expense I had the best Taking my strength was the worst kind of theft
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