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What would you think if you had a son not a daughter, what would you think, if i told that i dont want to be called by my given name you so cherish. Would you be ok if you daugther was just a lie i lived.
The family of four They threw me away Didn’t want five They say I play Too many games And bring sorrow
He is hiding in her skin Always trying to keep his head above the tide Living inside her phantom form The dysphoria a tidal wave washing over his head Like red hot lava gushing out of a volcano ready to erupt
Xe Undefined
I exist outside the Binary, And for that I am not free. I do not fit in your view, So silent then I must be. I cannot speak of my pain,
When I almost passed out  Because the duct tape around my ribs was too tight I knew I wasn't a kid anymore Beacuse kids don't care about the shape of your chest And in the dots that swam in front of my eyes
you wake up every day wondering why you woke up. why your mother loves you even though you use her money. why your dad is still there.
"kaylin" they say "she" they say "girl" they call me for as long as i can remember i have never felt right. pretending, posturing, deceiving, decaying decoy from the inside out, the girlchild
My body is a temple – WAS a temple. It was grand, covered top to bottom in tarnished, fool’s gold.
Every time I discard my skin, Absolve myself Of disposable identities, The craters at my core Fracture, Just a little more. The miles on my spirit, Divide the real From divine.
I'm sorry it's the simple curse of existence  "It's not polite for little girls to sit like that, you're a respectable lady now aren't you?  It's a woman's job, you'll have to get used to it."   
From womb to world ‘pink’ was how I was defined. Pink like the Barbies I opposed. Dress they say, cleats I say.   You throw like a girl I hear, until I give them black eyes.  
Pink is for boysBlue is for girls What is this? 1492?No its 2019 and the colors have switched. Pink is now for girls
There's a dragon Living inside of my ribcage It never sleeps, not even when I do
Gracie… I mean Adam Torres Drew’s little sister… I mean brother Loved by all, but fell for one
Personalities and behavior ripped in twain between home and freedomPreferences and genders exchanged in favor of a roof overheadPerseverance and ache mark my mind but never will reveal myself to unaccepting kind Assessed the situation plenty, all
Ezekiel. (ee-zee-kee-yuhl). A Hebrew prophet from Babylon, known for his faith. Name Meaning: “Strength in God.”  
PredestinationThank you “Predestination” For being the beginning of my trans presentation.Going through each slide Is a wonder itself. It’s like taking a ride With Elf on the Shelf. Jane to John and many more,Except my st
It's a feeling.A feeling that you're wrong.A mistake.A freak.   That inner part of you just wants to crawl out and be freeBut the physical and mental chains of your body bind you.  
Always looking for an exit,it climbs up my arms,raising my fists againstthe weight of the shackles,continues through my fingersand grabs writing flags. Always looking for an exit,it goes down to my kneesand makes me stand up,it comes up to my neck
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