' 'fear' 'depression'

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I invite you to gently feel the faint mist of dawn dust your face with dew. Feel the heavy warmth as the sun breaks the horizon and casts its shadows across the canvas of earth.   
Darkness surrounds It seeps within  It makes you think it’s the end  It makes you question everything From being to end   No one can see your struggle for
Fear is to tangles, no out- Brain high, mired up. Face HIGH, Breath HIGH, Thoughts HIGH- When TALK, You Get TALKED. Minus the Gratitude, Birth the MAD- When sight Rich, comes the END of the BAD.
       I try to see a light that does not seem to exist The pain is deep and I’m trying to resist Smiles is what they see
Fear will always be in your head Fear will always be in your heart, Fear will always make things hard Fear will always be right there Fear is hard to get rid of You have to push him away,
fear can lap at the toes of the mighty and wise,  I gotta cry hell out of my fear  You can soar as the sun will rise
Wait until darkness. Wait until the blackness of the night engulfs me whole. Wait until the words, which once supported me like bones, shatter beneath me. Dreaming of a life in which I will never live.
Before,  Self-hate had abruptly manifested upon my ego  constantly feeding upon the fear  that human beings other than myself, would frame me as ugly
Fragility is the stability of the broken mind Do not confuse the lies that hold the two down To be fragile is the empowerment of the vulnerable To be stable is the advantage of the emotional
Hearts Of Stained Glass Everyone's heart is made of stained glass Each a different color
The happy starts to fade, my hands they begin to shake my eyes fill with tears and i am running away my breath starts to catch and i am searchng for a hiding place
It is feeling your heart race when they bring out your food. It is wanting to scream NO when they tell you to start. It is crying because you don't get to choose how you treat your own body. IT is me.
These thoughts that lingers in my head I cannot explain   Only These thoughts are encrypted by him himself   He who’s not powerful or mighty   But me who’s brittle and broken  
Lost Not the magical lost you get when you go to Disney Or walk into your favorite store Not the dreamy sort of lost you feel when you stare into a pair of eyes or a really good book
When someone you love dies and you are not expecting it, You don’t lose them all at once: You lose them in pieces and fragments over a long time – Their scents and fragrance begin to fade
Do you remember when you were a kid?  your ultimate fear was the monster  under your bed.    You thought it’ll drag you down in the dark and eat you alive.  
I, in the current state, is not a stateThat nobody wants.My past state, is alsoA state nobody wants.I, in the past,Was like a jesterIn the king’s court.Some memories die,While some don’t.
My skin does not define meMy race does not define meYou can not define meI am who I am you can notChange that I am the on
When i feel down, when i am surrounded by all these thoughts, when my brain seems to be my enemy
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