' memories

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Memories are the many me's that make me The I's through which I see They are my total experience Present in my logic and sense And although a part of my past They are up-to-date
We've made some some good memories together, Making them seem like they were forever, everywhere i go reminds me of you, Just to think  it makes me blue,  As the years fade away, nows there less time to say,
childhood memories arespeckled with the scent of summer sunsetsformed with the bonds of friendshipand late night promises with giggling faces childhood memories are 
The tree we buried you under was the last of its kind—      a lone birch or oak or maple that survived its disease           (I found the irony only because I was looking for it)
When I was in third grade, I wrote a poem about changing the world When I was in third grade, I thought that the world Was made of rainbows and glitter But I knew sadness I knew grief I knew loneliness
As the end of day draws near, I suddenly come upon a fear. In the days when I am old, Will my memories be so bold? Will I remember every person I’ve met,
I am old and worn blue plastic, with rusty metal chainsI sit and wait in the soothing sounds of nature.Here, you come to find solace in me.I swing you up high in the sky, ignoring the ache in my joints,
Memories. By: Kia     I remember when I had one day to read a book. Everything was okay, Just wish I could've; Found out sooner than today.
Friday morning, Birds singing like immortality, Cold breeze playing the chorus, Freshwaters dancing in the stream, Branches of the mighty walnut tree, Fluttering on the windows,
As the light dims by the clouds The memories that are as cold as the raindrops that are pounding down the window Are grabbing onto my heart Sunk in the longing that gets heavier as time passes Can I travel back time?
It seems like it was just yesterday I received the gift of life, In a world where I felt so loved With no worries nor strife.  
Bow ties and Bourbon  like heartbreak and blues Put a tear in your eyes But a pulse in your shoes   They move you to dance
what do these eyes see? do they see the color of the snow  in front of you? what do these eyes see? do they see the blush on my cheek  due to cold? what do these wide eyes see?
Memory defines It always does memories are like lights Sometimes they illuminate the dark nights Or they leave the night tinted dark colors memories sometimes come and go in storms of emotion
A foolish little girl, With a need for change.   A young boy, Holding ink and paper.   “Write what you want,” he says to me.
I must express my merry content for a car that’s given me so many events Through the smell of dog hair and that dirty sock we could never find Every time I see your dusty exterior
  Memories it comes to you.   Kicking you as you remember your youth.   Bad times and good times are never the same.  
squinting, smiling under the bold sunshine running over the prickly pine needles digging my feet into the fragrant earth under a canopy of straight, tall trees who are guarding their wild secrets
within my eyes, holding all of us together upon a fragile precipice it looks like this, 57 words so i used a brown crayon to write your name 57 ways that did not look at all like
My favorite road, the one I picture while writing The stretch between Kimball and Hill Lemon orchards and pine trees I assume row after row West, the ocean will show its horizon if you are lucky
A group of  fools spinning round in a toilet bowl. Lost with them all in a black hole. No worry and no hurry, we're headed into the abyss for a euphoric reason. Inhale the trees
There was a time you told me For the world  I'm somebody and for your body I'm the world,You hurled  me in hot lime,now i got time, i spit best rhyme. I will never Trust or waste the heart must adjust, I'm not making jest
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