Facing the Future

It seems like it was just yesterday

I received the gift of life,

In a world where I felt so loved

With no worries nor strife.


I learned to talk, walk, and do many things

With you- my parents and grandparents right beside me,

You have taught me right from wrong

Told me I was special and can be anyone I want to be!


Each day you worked so hard

To provide all my needs,

You paved the way for opportunities 

To discover my talents and helped me to succeed.


You challenged me to always do my best

And fully trust the Lord that He will do the rest,

Be content with little, be content with much

Be loyal, be a good friend, and show a love that stands the test.


Apologize when you’re wrong

Forgive when you’re right,

Laugh often, serve others

Let your life shine bright.


As I grew up I had some conflicts

And sometimes thought you didn’t understand me,

Felt that sometimes you weren’t listening

Nor really thinking what’s best for me.


I had my moments of “teenage drama”

I guess that’s just part of life,

When kids get a little older

And think they know everything about life.


I have to admit that you're usually right

Sorry for all the headaches,

Should have listened to both of you

Could have saved me from heartaches.


As I walked on the stage on my graduation day

Memories of yesteryears came rushing

With my heart full of thanks, tears rolled down my cheeks 

Thank you, Lord, for my family, your amazing grace, and wondrous blessings!


Now I’m about to start a new chapter in my life

Can’t believe how fast time flew by!

I will be in college to pursue my dream

Moving away from home… just don’t know how to say goodbye…


I know it’s very hard for you to let me go

Thank you for supporting me and letting me grow,

You’ve always taught me that God holds my future

So there’s no need to worry about tomorrow.


I will make you proud, I will do my best

I will make wise decisions and remember what you taught me,

I am no longer afraid to face the future

'Cause I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!


“God is good… all the time!”

This poem is about: 
My family



This poem is dedicated to my loving parents and grandparents.

I'm also thankful to my relatives in the Philippines for all their love and prayers from thousands of miles away.

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