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all i could think about when he pushed his way inside of me was his enchanting stories of a better life
The Trinity VICTIM I stand alone. I stand unheard, unnoticed. I am on my own. And the world cannot see. Confined to space and time am I And I cannot try
I speak of 'I' as millions of voices calling for change. Every day, every week and every month, I expect to see the changes, Year by year, with promises of hope and unfulfilled dreams,
Daddy left me – I didn’t know what a man’s love was supposed to look like. His words were warmth to my cold heart They picked me up and carried me away from loneliness.   “Trust me.”  
  There are millions of voices that are silenced
Hugs are weird Hugs are strange I do not want a hug No, no not now or later. The thought of someone engulfing part of their body around mines just creeps me out.
The faceless faces now hold detail. The wounded women now show sealed scars. The chasteless children now innocent.                                                                 The hollow home now stands solid.
Only the age of twelve Was she When sold into the commerce of Sex slavery   Misfortune and injustice are All she’s ever known Her purity, untimely taken away Her own body overthrown
Regular girls played hopscotch and dress up They pretended to be grown up. Except for me. I had to be grown up. I was not pretending.   Left to fend for myself every night
Innocence captured by the hands of evil,                    A life stolen, that can never be returned.
When I was a child, I wanted to be a dancer. Twenty hours a week, ice packs and recitals. Dreaming of a stage with a full house and applause But what I was missing, was working towards a cause. Forward.
Dear Mom and Dad, how are things with you? Has everything been alright?  Did everyone sleep tight? Me in a shell, to tell you the truth, I can't complain, it'd make things worse.  Am I under a curse?
(poems go here) Thousands of people taken and killed every day Tortured in every kind of way Forced to do things that no human should be forced to do Without being given simple freedoms wouldn’t you hate that too
Here I am sitting all alone, but it’s only in my mind She is here, they are all here…scared… Waiting…waiting for him to return. All you hear are the teardrops of stolen bodies Drip drop drip drop
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