Serinus canaria domestica


United States
30° 0' 20.3184" N, 81° 25' 0.8724" W
United States
30° 0' 20.3184" N, 81° 25' 0.8724" W
United States
30° 0' 20.3184" N, 81° 25' 0.8724" W

Only the age of twelve

Was she

When sold into the commerce of

Sex slavery


Misfortune and injustice are

All she’s ever known

Her purity, untimely taken away

Her own body overthrown


By strange men of ire

Contempt and disgrace

There is nowhere she finds comfort

She has no hiding place


This beautiful girl has now

Become a woman

She lies awake at night wondering if

There really is a heaven


Years and years of torment

This life has drained her will

Though she smiles, her eyes are empty

She longs for a poison pill


But eventually came the day that

Exhausted the last of her spirit

She cried to the One who hears all

The One who loves even the misfits


I don’t know if You can hear me

Or if You even care

But I once heard of a Man

Who knows the number of strands of hair

On the head of a girl like me

Who cannot remember  

A life without misery from

January to December

Consider me at the end of time

Look upon me with delight

So even a foreigner to receiving mercy

May have some hope despite

The tragic hardships given me

In this life I did not ask for

If I had known the world’s cruelty

Embodied in rejection and war

Then perhaps I could twist my fate

And plead to never have been born


And with that first and last prayer that ever did

Leave her lips

She allowed the calm of sleep to cover her cold heart

Like a lunar eclipse


And the very next morning

Just as she was getting up

She came face to face with a man

In a uniform, holding a cup


This is for you to drink

And he handed her the tea

I am here to save you

But only if you trust me


Finally came her saving grace

At last this was redemption

This policeman arrived at such a time

That paralleled with none but perfection


This was no coincidence

She knew she had been heard

And with a smile and idyllic eyes she flew

From that prison like a canary bird


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