'mental health' 'depression' 'anxiety' 'healing' 'gun violence' 'loss'

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It's been three months and a day Since they took your life away Last night, I cried myself to sleep Praying that your soul's okay I prayed for comfort for your family Comfort for all your friends
I’ve feared four things in my life, But I have never told anyone, I’ve kept my thoughts and my words to myself, Shut the lights, I’ll freeze,
Everyday i live in fear that school will no longer be school Instead it will be a warzone, a one sided war People running like their life depends on it Because it does.
Columbine, Parkland, Boston Races; So many lost, too many faces. How long must this last? We must end this epidemic fast! 'But how', they ask, 'Impossible!', they say.
Healing ( Performance attached as thumbnail)   Hi my names Michelle Garcia Im 18 I've written this a 100 times
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