'death' 'youth' 'suicide' 'depression'

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His eyes were red from crying    He didn't go to school A bottle in his shaking hand    pills spilled across the floor He thought his life was pointless;    He couldn't take it anymore  
The wind howls across the plain Buffeting all the trees equally Branches sway in odd disdain Leaves flutter ceaselessly
Listen man, Latley it's been to much an... My head has been spinning like a fan, Im bad at cardio  so why did i think i could've outran.. These problems. Got my foot on the edge looking down, 
The night falls,  In a heavy, suffocating cloak, We are lost The light for which you pray for,  flares once, then dies taken by your depression   All hope flickers out, 
The smoke engulfs your body I cough in disgust “that'll kill you.” And you respond with a smirk
  What is it in my soul that you want?   Why do you continue to take from my garden?   Is it comforting you? making you happy?  
Wake up at night   all I can see is your face   ten years and still not right   I wake up and think about   if someday in the void of bright white light  
You've tried to be happy, but you cannot do it, the darkness is just to dark, you talk and talk, but all it does is makes depression worse, you've tried to be with people that you love and that love you,
My lifeline is getting shorter and shorter One of these nights will be the last for me But you're having the time of your life I wish I could absorb this from you The light at the end is getting bigger
You were the “p” in pterodactyl: Silent, but important You set things into your own stride I couldn’t help but stare and notice you oddity You rebellious
Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet, and perhaps so are you But the roses have wilted The violets have died And the sugar has spilled
Dear Xxxxx,   You weren’t there when I got the call with the news             about you You weren’t there to see your friends gather round             over you
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