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Many times I brood alone Thinking of the world’s melancholy mourning Bearing the weight of creation Upon my hateful human heart,   Until a presence fills me 
Grapevive Wine flowing like blood Aromatic and crisp A decanting of the spirit Drunken   The cult Endless parties Women sway fluidly Beats pounding through the scene Festal
Blessed by grace Cursed by agony
Dionysus, the man of greed The king of ecstasy The queen of mead Dionysus, Dionysus, the graceful drunk The dapper playboy With charm and spunk
There he sits upon his throne In the web, his chaos sown. Drunken though his thoughts may be Others read it readily, While drinking in the words so fair, They drink it all without much care.
Dionysus today, Has found a new job, As a very popular Youtuber.   He is dripping in Gucci, And Chanel and Supreme, And Italian brands you've never even heard of.  
“You are a bloody glutton, aren’t you” Café au lait irises, dilate like the peak of a coca rush.  Cinnamon skin — suddenly torched cherry red, on my apples of my cheeks.
  Look at Dionysus sipping his wine Sittin’ across the bar feeling intertwined  He’s feeling tipsy with a load of grapes And he’s staring at a bunch of snakes   
Mythos, Legend or not?,  Kings and Queens forgotten?, Seek thy legends and stories of realism,  Dare we look upon ....the twelve Olympians?      Hence the age of 2019, 
Oh! alas that you were left behind, poor dear maid! Whilst upon this lone rock on the sea you were laid.   Oh! gone is your Theseus, that era is over, You’ll not be some thankless Athenian’s lover.  
Oh Dionysus AnthionMy praise goes out to you!May frozen weather all be gone,So flowers may bloom anew!  
Shattered was the life, before the word came in Knocked on the door, looked the fates in the eye And said What it has always meant but never said before The action became the verb, and I was born
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