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Dear Janayah, Breathe. It’s probably becoming a little harder than expected. Just breathe. Even if it is in Short,
Dear you, I only say you because I don't know what else to call you. I don't know where we stand.
Dear Insincerity,   You say, I cannot see a soul But I saw it In the crinkle of your eyes When you laughed uncontrollably I saw it,
Dear Sherry,  
Dear Anxiety, I guess I didn’t know what was down or up the road All I knew was as I got older my happiness started to corrode As the masses started asking
I owe you an explanation. I was hiding under the covers. I wanted to pretend this wasn’t happening I thought if I fed it nothing, It could not possibly grow. I thought someone Smarter than me,
I owe you an explanation. I was hiding under the covers. I wanted to pretend this wasn’t happening I thought if I fed it nothing, It could not possibly grow. I thought someone Smarter than me,
Dear Mr. H,   Words can’t say How much you have done For all of your students But especially for me.   You answer my questions
Dear mentor, I will forever be thankful to thee For the wisdom you have imparted to me. Many things are not equal in life But everyone gets the same 24 hours a day. None of which we will ever get back
  February 2, 2017   Dear Person Whose Life I Tried to Make Perfect,
Dear Mother - A Villanelle  
Do you remember me? I was the “you” that you discarded, Oh you don’t remember, huh? I’ll take ahold of your brain and jog it, You locked me up and threw away the keys and the memory,
Dear LifeAs a write this letter I hope you get itI was born in this worldJuly 28 can’t you tell?Happiness as a childLife tell me why As I reach into high school Why is my life this way?Hearing laughter’s all day and nightSometimes I wish my life w
Dear Mr. Right, There you were Sitting at my kitchen table We were talking about anything and everything Just like we always do
Dear boy with bluer skies, Since you're the one who makes my heart race, I hope that my eyes weren't wrong, When I saw you behind the stair case, As I sang that old Spanish song,
Hey roommate,  
Dear myself,   Why did you do that? Can’t you see them looking at you? They think you’re a scaredy cat   Why did you say this?
Dear Death,    You wait patiently, As I stumble through life, Intoxicate myself with my thoughts, and questions, You wait-- because I'm waiting, for answers of my own,
To Whom It May Concern,  First off I would like to apologize in advance,  for my mind is not thinking clearly at the moment.  This is not a letter to anyone in particular because quite frankly, 
Ode to the courage that lies within you The sadness in your eyes I see is undefeatable Your thinning rosy lips sewn shut  Not a word to be said,  but the sadness your eyes speak at first glance
To the rose you glazed your eyes upon, you deceived yourself into a selfish illusion and abandoned it when all the petals fell.
 Baby Girl, They will tell you that you shouldn't be too trusting, That your blinding faith in people, Your perpetual hope, Your overflowing optimism, Will lead to nothing except 
They say love is easy but I know better I say love is hard and hurts because your heartsrings are tethered To someone else and as they move you follow but the pain when they rip out your heart is hard to swallow
Dear You, I feel I can’t describe you You might read this, too And my writing feels too frou-frou But my brain always feels like goo When there are thoughts of you  
Hi friend, We haven't had a heart to heart in a while I miss our meaninigful conversations The both of us laying in bed and just talking Reminiscing on the day's events and laughing until we can't breathe  
I don’t need you. I don’t need your annoying laughter Your smiles that were forced and fake.   I don’t want you. I don’t want your pictures
Dear Mom, I'm in the kitchen crying. Six-year-old me whimpering to Uncle, "When is Mommy gonna be home?" I'm prancing through the backyard giddy with excitement, Picking you a bouquet of wildflowers.
Dear Sad Girl, With the sad sad eyes,who pretends to be happy but inside wants to die. Here’s a note for you to read when your worries come like a stampede.
Dear relationship, Look. Just because I was asked out At the age of  Ten, Does not mean that I am ready By the age of  Fifteen. When I'm in college I'll be  Twenty.
Dear Aunt Dianne,
Don’t Call Me Jalen   For an eternity I battle myself.Who should you be today Alex?The quick and clever Alex? People pleaser Alex?
We were plants, Just you and I. We watched each other grow every single day. But one day, someone steps upon me.
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