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Dead or alive?  I'm not sure anymore I feel heartbeat But see no blood Breathing  But voices tell me I'm dead This is an illusion  Somebody wake me up I can't see I can't feel I long for the sharp pain and the red blood I remember the blood  dripp
The hallway was quiet.
Dear Mother,   At 4 years old, I asked,  “Mommy why are you giving Vero my clothes” “Mommy why won’t you pay attention to me”. At the age of 5 ; “Mommy why did you hit me”
Dear Problem Child, I saw what happened,I saw the fear in your eyesWhen it stopped being angerWhen it became hate
Dear Daddy,
Restarted heart.   Mom, I made a poem in school today. It went something like, “I’m going to get up and find a way”.
For once I’m gonna stop you I won’t let Your grimy hands Touch and tear that beautiful face   To put darkness In the place of bright eyes To take the glory of that smile Away  
Black ice bites fingertips. sharp edges, shrapnel travel up long bladed, byzanite blue fingernails. Thin frost, covers a dandelion ring. Her strong hands, always chilled.
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