ftm transgender

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They call me she, they call me her, they call me a name which i do not prefer.   They call me a girl, they call me "young lady" when in truth that is pure insanity.  
What would you think if you had a son not a daughter, what would you think, if i told that i dont want to be called by my given name you so cherish. Would you be ok if you daugther was just a lie i lived.
Younger then, i remember not understanding why people would want to escape their bodies.
He is hiding in her skin Always trying to keep his head above the tide Living inside her phantom form The dysphoria a tidal wave washing over his head Like red hot lava gushing out of a volcano ready to erupt
Growth Getting bigger Growing up Getting smarter These don't always go hand in hand
I am a boy No, I'm not one of those boy toys I am a boy My father once said to me "You'll meet a nice man someday" I am that man Yes, I may have been mistaken at birth But I know who I am
I'm sorry it's the simple curse of existence  "It's not polite for little girls to sit like that, you're a respectable lady now aren't you?  It's a woman's job, you'll have to get used to it."   
Call me Elliot That's my name Unusual, yes but all the same A rebel cry against the gods My future present, despite all odds   Call me Elliot Take my hand A crashing wave against the sand
PredestinationThank you “Predestination” For being the beginning of my trans presentation.Going through each slide Is a wonder itself. It’s like taking a ride With Elf on the Shelf. Jane to John and many more,Except my st
Hush!   See that glowing of the river-nymph, skin lit with the sun’s admiration? Trust the slow glide of the wind’s tresses to lead her back to home. She dances with a flame that sears
Dear Sherice, I know that you cry, When you see the kids ride their bikes, But they tell you that you can’t join them.   I know that you want to die.
Dear Father,
dear dad,   you look at me when i am a woman, pretty pink dress clung like a leech sucking content from my skin.
Dear Courtney,I can’t slam anymore without thinking of you,And everytime I touch a copy of the book you wrote, I get chills and I hear a familiar voice in my he
Dear Mom and Dad,   I am your son Maybe not physically, but mentally Your love is twisted Your ideas of me are but dreams I will never be the daughter you want  
Before somebody asks, yes, I’m biologically a girl. To many, especially any average Joe on the street, I am seen as a guy Which is awesome, since I identify as one, but,
Help me! I trapped inside someone whom I’ll never be. The phrases thrown at me feel like a dagger in the back. Being hurt by those closest to me. I know they don’t mean it.
I almost don't want to voice my opinion, because I like staying in the back of the mix, but it's hard to do. Straight from the mind, the mouth, of a transgendered person, this is honesty.
Mother I have killed your daughter But it was a gentle murder Throat slit quickly, quietly So that she would suffer no more.
There once was a little girl Whom they’d hidden from the world Oh, pardon me, My mistake, This little boy’s name was James “Jane,” they’d call her,
I won’t tell you that i am trapped in a body that isn’t mine that i was born in the wrong body because whether i have a chest or a dick this body is mine   this body is mine and always will be mine
When I say I promise I mean it It's not something I say a lot When I vowed unformally to be yours It wasn't because I wanted to tell you what you wanted to hear It's because I truly meant it
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