Fight Against Oppression

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I’m inside a filter, on the outside new beginnings On the inside a fatal past No change ever occurs Not that there's any escape  But the clasp is held shut
Are some people born cursed Are some people born Halfway,incomplete and worthless I am an unfinished painting A painting that is seen and scorned A painting that does not  represent  beauty A painting that represents hideousness A painting whose a
Whispers sit wistfully in the shadow, The silence as sublime as the outflow, Of darkness and danger from not long ago, Every voice vocalizes with no audio,
Part 1 inequality   Mind is full Fridge is empty But ain’t that the way it supposed to be I have less so you can have more Ironic how
Have you ever been forced to surpress your emotions, so much and so bad you no longer knew how to express those emotions? Been told to "Sit down, you're too loud," or maybe even "be quiet" when you have been anything but?
Chained to the sea  oppressed by its waves and torturous tides to conform or be prepared to die that's the decision the Little Mermaid must make  there is more than just her life at stake
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