My America. (written for a BSU)

Part 1 inequality


Mind is full

Fridge is empty

But ain’t that the way it supposed to be

I have less so you can have more

Ironic how

Me looking up

makes it easier for our eyes to meet

When you look down

is that why you look away?

You wear it and I polish that crown

You say we’re dirty

But that’s just elbow grease and hard work

Ain’t that funny how this all works

Funny how I don’t get a place at the table

Even though I set it up

Feels like the world is against me

talk about set up

Hope you enjoyed your meal

Cuz I prepared it all


You say we do it to ourselves

And that it’s our fault

You’re so funny

You got me on my knees

Makes it easier for me to scrub your floors

And kiss your feet


We Spend so much time on you

It’s no wonder we’re broke

Maybe if we had time to care our own

Then maybe we wouldn’t rent but own


Maybe if the world didn’t already decide

Someone else could win


Now we better not speak up

Or stand up

Because we wouldn’t want to trouble you

Better hold our tongues

Cuz we know what money can do


It can’t buy happiness

But it can buy a whole person

Reach into your purse and buy

My poor brothers and sisters

Because we can’t afford to say no


Part 2 - History


Guns don’t kill people people do

So what does money do?


It makes the world go around but it perpetuates the cycle

Which only benefits a certain type though

we could just fix it and admit we made a mistake, typo


It’s not hard to rewrite history

You do it all the time


What’s appropriate for the children?

Not the world we lived in or live in

That’s why you twist your words

And choose them carefully

So Americans can live “carefree”

Not apart of the world's problems

No ones suffering here

That’s got to be the false (fox) news we hear?

And I hope you all look into it


It’s Tragic how we can’t tell the people the truth

Because we fucked up

And because of that people got fucked over

And it’s not over and we’re not over it but one day we will overcome it


that’s something we all need to believe


And For my friends trying to find shelter and refuge

I’m sorry that this country doesn’t accept you

That they turn you away in your time of need

Because it’s the AMERICAN dream


Part 3 protect and serve


Now It really pains me to know a murderer can walk around free

With protection and a pension

Because of the society we live in

and they don’t even try to keep their real motives hidden

But watch your tone because they’ll shoot you with the guns they were given

Know that these men and women are cynical they’ll make you out to be the criminal

Gun you down and still earn a metal though

But that’s just the world

You know?


Part 4 the solution


People act like fighting for human rights is overrated

That innocent men and women aren’t incarcerated

That families don’t go hungry

Now that bothers me

And I hope it bothers you too

Our time is limited

And as far as I see

so are our thoughts

So let’s talk it out

I’d like it if we could just sit

And listen

At a table set for understanding

If everyone could Gather round

And speak without fear

If we We’re all actually welcomed here

and if no one would be turned away

I’d like it if (just) for once we were all on the same page


We need to create a legitimate path for the pursuit of happiness

But to do so we need to have actual liberty and be equal

We need to recognize and acknowledge our differences but not let them separate us

Hurt us or define us

But make us

one collective community with real justice and undying unity

Somebody said it and I know we’re really quick to forget

What Was it again?

United we stand and divided we fall

Also another thing There's a lot of things we can build up in America  

And a wall isn't one of them

Part 5: Privileges


I own up to them because I have some and I acknowledge that

Privileges: one of them is not being gunned down for the simplest thing or people calling the police on me randomly


Now a Routine traffic stop doesn’t end in my death or with an officer stealing my breath

I don’t know about you

But I can’t breathe peacefully in a place my friends have to hold their breath and pray in silence

It’s suffocating to know

My friends might step out that door

And never come back

Because they were born black or brown

Just the color of their skin

Because the world we live in is so ugly

And at any minute it could steal them from me

Now that is the real crime

To acknowledge one's privilege could be life-saving

And I ask you to think about the role we all play in this fight

Because it is a fight and it’s ongoing

and you can’t be ignorant to that you can’t be colorblind

and you definitely can’t be neutral

you have to see these things

and you have to stand up for people

because our privilege should be the power to help those in need

not take advantage of them or an unfair system


And we end it with part 6


I shouldn't even have to say this or clarify the cause

But this world has its flaws

And that includes racism, ignorance, and the passing of false knowledge

No human is more or less on any grounds

Not the money in their pocket, where they stay,

not the parents that they came from, no factor especially skin

should ever give or take value from any human

And judging from you all being here I assume you share my beliefs

That you agree to what I’m about to say

The reason we’re all here

It’s Last but definitely not least black lives matter to me


And just a PSA

Love is love

men can cry too

slut shaming is wrong

we are all equals

and love trumps hate





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world




- This is just a side note away from the poem, please actually read it and try to feel it before you decide. I'm not really articulate but I think this is a very well thought out piece


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