against inequality

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Ariel Heffner  A Slam Poem Different House, Same Street   
Part 1 inequality   Mind is full Fridge is empty But ain’t that the way it supposed to be I have less so you can have more Ironic how
Dear the Ears of Humanity, Perhaps in this letter you will read What you choose not to hear. You may have forgotten I am in college wherein January’s Tuesdays and Thursdays
We have trembled against men, We have feared the rise of men Yet we continue to shout We shout our rights, We shout our rights to be equal
All my life I've lived here I've pledged to an inanimate object I never actually cared too much about that But after years upon years of learning Only now are my eyes open... TYRANNY
My abcs, my 123s, My ins and outs, My ups and downs, Weren't as easy as they seem. There was a battle- A battle for my brain,
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