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The land of freedom Yes, America is great A nation of peace.
My stripes aren't red and white they're black white and orange  These are the colors chosen and donned by "America's" scorn How can you make great again what was never true See he was villain way before even me and you, 
Why, oh why America the Great Expected to provide for the common defense, but instead bring hate in our state With minimual common sense   Why, oh why America the Great 
Imagine, for a moment, that comic books were real. If you’re a comic nerd like I, you might see the appeal. Ponder then, if you will, the possibility of Good Old Cap’n America as flesh and blood, a real-life man,
Once the land of the free Now all we can see  Are unwanted walls and pipelines.   Register here 
I guess I'll begin with something deep: "America the beautiful the land of the free." Is what they say, but that depends on what freedom means to me. Freedom means I can say what i want, freedom means i can be who i want.
Flag Waving Red,White,Blue Units us all We the people stand  
We live, we laugh, we love, we Die Tv, Blu ray, Galaxy S Whatever We talk over Facebook No connection  
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