Aamerica The Great

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Rights. The supplier of liberty and life. Try to name a society with more of these than US. Alright? Don’t worry about it I’ll give you a minute. Given unto us by the G.O.D. Don't you forget it.
Ohh Grateful Land The land of free Where our heroes bled To make you brave To give us peace, justice, and liberty By those who believed in democracy For those who born and came to us
Society tells me that I am not beautiful. That because I am not a size two super model with perfect skin, I am ugly.   Society tells me that I am not beautiful.
A top mountains and hills with clear blue skies, The call of the wild runs wet on the rivers, Many men have lived and many will die, Mostly the brave ones over by the river, Black Red and White have done so much,
America the great Seems like we have the worst fate Lately, all I've seen is hate We'll never make it at this rate Oh, the land of the free Why are you so greedy? What about the needy?
I’ve always been an outsider looking inThrough television screens, the internet, everything,Guyana is and always will be my homeBut America is where I need to be
Wake me from the dream That life is all it seems- That I deserve comfort- Because any place you insert Inside the blank space here: _______, Will never shed a tear Though they own a patch of dust
    TALENT  Dear America… I object. I object your congress, your taxation appeals, your judgment, and lastly your lack of street knowledge. I refuse to accept and take no action. 
The problems of America are not rooted in our laws. They are rooted in our human nature, Where one cannot look at life through another eye's, And therefore can never understand what they have to endure.
America the great,how is something so "great"something I hate.
does that star spangeled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? how ironic that we are not free nor are we brave run by a government who are cowards and steal from others
Set fire to the right tree, the whole forest will burn Think. Not of a grim reality, but of the galvanizing truth The one who ignites the right branch hopes to illuminate the right tree, the whole forest will burn
America, A land that fills people with hope for a better tomorrow. A land where foreigners, yearn for the American Dream, Money, Success, Power,
I see the world! But not like you….. ‘You? How do you see the world? How does it differ from how I see it’ You ask. You see I have what some people call Autism.
Rolling hills and majestic skies Beautiful faces and even prettier eyes Plentiful jobs and opportunity for all This is the country we've come to love most of all, But people are mad They fight and shout
Martin Luther King had a vision We have proved to be a visionless generation The lack of racial unity Leads us to skewed opportunity  This disease is lack of education  It is spreading across the nation
The cheers, the sneers, the constant fears A country divided into these groups brings some to tears When freedom is exclusive, and for too many it's elusive Those cheers fall on deaf ears
We are America The Great We are America the broken Filled with hate and discrimination We are destroying our nation Peice by peice we fall apart We demand a fresh new start America is broken
We are the people of the USA. We’ve got to learn that we’ve got to pray. We the people are united no matter how hard we try to be divided. Yes were different, I’ll give you that. But it only takes one to make an impact.
America   Have we got what we sought out— Have we deafened our ears— Have we defended with honor— Have we lasted the years?   Learned to love and learned to hate,
The world as we know it, is filled with war,  not peace, filled with cries and screams. Bombs dropped on nations, blood shed by a bullet. America needs to change, for as I speak of pity and blame, left in speechless pace. No more racism, no matter
There's a war in america not for the american people but for the american soul.
' O beautiful for spacious skie, for amber waves of grain'  The cries and blood of my brothers, rise up from the grave.  ' For purple mountain majesties, above the friuted plain' 
Africans, Mexicans, Indians, Eskimos, Ricans,  Indians, Chinese, Anglos and so much more..... Thats America to me. Not the corrupt streets hat lock a man 
America can not be described in words only people in America every mind is beautiful every heart is open every voice is heard  equality is abundant there is a home for the homeless
I see our nation As a banged up little girl. Fighting to make it through a series Of high school breakups.   It seems as there is no hope in sight, But she’s hoping to see the light.  
Ruled by hate and fed on lies, this country will no longer survive. Truth fades as the lies overshadow, the wind blows away all chances of hope out the window.   A man with five children scrapes the ground,
  America the Great By Boone Brubaker   It’s not red stripes on a piece of cloth; Or the land that lays between oceans. It’s not Republicans or Democrats; Or white stars on a sea of blue.
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