Empathy in the Land of the Free

The problems of America are not rooted in our laws.
They are rooted in our human nature,
Where one cannot look at life through another eye's,
And therefore can never understand what they have to endure.
That is why there are the attacks, the riots, and the marches.
It all begins with the simple word: uncertain.
We are only brave to the demons we know are among us.
What we don't know we try attacking instead of learning.
This is not an issue that can be fixed by a legal system.
It is merely the cost of a free and diverse society.
But the greatest unity can truly rise from division,
Hammering out the differences between you and me.
I'm not fighting differences. I hope we embrace them.
I see the opportunity to learn something new.
We are forever walking the long road to true and unconditional freedom,
And I hope that is a journey that I will take with you.
Because once we set our differences down,
We'll find we are more alike than we thought.
And the peace that comes from that truth will without a shadow of a doubt,
Make worth it all of the wars that we have fought and fought.
With empathy violence goes away,
But that requires a new way to see.
So let new perspectives lead us to new days,
Days of peace in the land of the free.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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