Deliberate and focused

I have stopped here

at the entrance of the cemetery,

pondering the many different diverse deceptions

of what is meant to be at the ending of existence.

Slipping through the door to heaven or hell,

or being reborn into a new life,

exploration of the soul

being moved to a new start.


Egocentric people believe death is unpleasant,

upsetting, unnatural, accidentally occurring

“their world”

too pure for the presence of decaying

soon to be dead, bodies.

Utilizing every last breath in ultimate struggle,

In a biased battle

between the journey to your next destination

and time on earth.


Altruistic souls have consciously concluded

death is merely a pitstop

A magical moment transitioning to your next life

A radical way of rebirth

A new journey awaiting

A celebratory time of moments passed

and memories to come.


Deep holes surrounding me.

A gravestone at my feet.

I can’t help but to wonder

what viewpoint on death

this deceased person possessed.

The different diverse deceptions,

this particular soul had brewing in their mind.

Alone in this world,

opinions up to you.

Either lament or euphoric...

it's merely your views.

Religious practice or creation

possibly a figment of imagination;

your end place is your solitude,

your discretion is its dictation

of your resting state of mind,

and its final location.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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